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Results Centred Leadership (RCL)

Demonstrates a new leadership style for the 21st Century based on coaching and bringing out the best in people in an environment of respect and trust. Benefits include:

  • How to coach for success, not police for failure

  • Achieves a “win : win”

  • Brings about specific changes in behaviors and attitudes to produce measurable results

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Responsibility, Awareness, Development, Accountability, Results

A program focusing on Self-Leadership, the RADAR process provides an environment in which each participant can experience the strength, independence and enjoyment that comes from developing the attitude and skills required to take personal responsibility for their own success.
Participants learn how to enhance personal self-leadership and self-management. True leadership is achieved by openly giving and receiving information.

Six to ten half-day classroom, instructor facilitated sessions paced in two week intervals.

Results Centered Teamwork (RCT)

In a study by The Brandon Hall Group a stunning 71% of respondents said that their executives were not ready to lead their organizations into the future.

Results Centred Teamwork Promotes goal-setting, communication, synergy, action and most significantly, results!

RCT is a stand-alone leadership training program or the natural follow-up step to Results Centred Leadership, it is the next generation of team training.

Your Team will;

  • Build individual skill sets and confidence to prepare individuals for teamwork

  • Ensure accountability for their own actons and results

  • See specific changes in behavior that results in improved, measurable results

Coaching for Success

Coaching For Success gives a foundation for coaching while providing insight into the proven value of coaching, the importance of communication to that process and what should be expected in one-on-one coaching sessions.

Key Take Aways:

  • How to get people motivated

  • Get the most value from a one-on-one coaching session

  • Tools for dealing with performance issues of others

  • Importance of key aspects of better communication

  • How to delegate more effectively

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