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Small Business Marketing Formula

Solve the most common sales & marketing problems!

Lead generation

One of the most common mistakes that small and medium sized businesses make is that they expect salespeople to generate leads. This is a strategy that leads, at best, to compromise. The best lead generators are very disciplined and will adhere to a program, these are excellent traits for lead generation. However these same people usually lack the empathy and EQ skills required to build relationships that lead to sales. That is the reason the best companies separate the sales and marketing departments. 

Small business marketing must focus on customer needs and requirements and the competition. Understanding what the customer wants, products, features and price is the key to success. Learning as much about the competition as possible and how to position your offering uniquely is another important role in marketing. Traditionally the founder/owner is left with this task. Unfortunately when weighed against all the other urgent matters doing in depth marketing usually does not get enough attention.

Our strategy

Small Business Marketing Formula was created to act as your company's outsourced marketing department. We employ a variety of techniques to do the analysis and investigation required to give your company the competitive advantage it needs to excel in its market.

We will set up Google, Facebook and Linkedin advertising campaigns designed to generate a pool of qualified potential clients for your sales team to follow up on and build relationships with that will lead to long term loyal repeat customers. We don't stop there. We employ offline techniques that will cut through the decision makers in your target markets. Whether you are aiming at teenagers or Fortune 100 CEOs we can get your message in front of them.


Sales is a dirty word in our society. Why? We all love to buy so why are sales people so maligned? The reason is simple, good sales professionals don't sell, they serve. We teach advanced sales techniques that start with the motives of the representative. We all can sense when we are being sold, that is to say being convinced to buy a product or service which we are are unsure of. By changing the motive or paradigm of your sales force away from selling and towards a service based consultative approach, your prospective clients will respond with transparency and loyalty. This is not a trick or a technique it must stem from a fundamental shift in the core values of the salesforce and the company itself.

Is this easy? No. Is it quick? No. Does it work? Absolutely YES!

If you want to learn more about how to bring your sales team to a higher form of sales contact us for a no obligation consultation.