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15 Point Business Assessment

Knowledge is Power!

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Get Tested!

Learn where you are strong and where you can improve your strategy and structure.

Know where you stand!

Most businesses are so busy with day to day operations or "fire-fighting" that they don't have time to assess where they stand with regards their big picture plans.

One quick quiz to help you assess business health and priorities is called the CORE assessment. It measures a business based on 15 key areas. Your data is compiled, anonymously of course, for comparison purposes.

By taking this basic yet informative and thorough quiz you may be surprised at what you find. This is a well tested tool, used for many years, and I can help you understand what the results can mean for your company or organization. Download more about this survey.

Once completed, you will see how your results compare to your peers in the business community. 

When you participate, I will show you how your answers compare to the entire pool of responses.  And guide you as you assimilate and synthesize this information and transform it into actionable information.

Here's to your success!